Z.Y. Wang, B.H. Zheng, L.X. Tang

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Pages: 83-92

In order to overcome the low planning efficiency and service efficiency of traditional rail transit comprehensive planning scheme, a comprehensive planning scheme of rail transit based on urban transport network is proposed. Analyze the supply and demand of rail transit, and establish a comprehensive planning framework for rail transit. Construct urban rail transit mode, calculate the scale of line network based on travel demand analysis method, and determine the reasonable scale range of line network. According to the scale of the online network, the mutual attraction between cities or regions is calculated according to the interaction intensity, the main station of rail transit is determined, the location of rail transit station is selected according to different urban structures, the principle of rail transit station yard connection is formulated, the rail transit station yard connection is realized, the evaluation index system is established, and the design and evaluation of rail transit comprehensive planning scheme are realized. The experimental results show that the scheme greatly improves the service efficiency of rail transit, the highest service efficiency is 91.26%, and the planning efficiency is high, which fully shows that the proposed comprehensive planning scheme of rail transit has better performance.
Keywords: urban transportation network; rail transit; comprehensive; planning; station

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