J.Y. Fan, B.Y. Zhang

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Pages: 105-114

In order to effectively improve the accuracy of traffic accident rescue route, a method to design an optimal rescue route of traffic accident based on GIS and ant colony algorithm is studied. According to the topological expression of adjacency matrix and adjacency table, this method constructs a digital road network. In this network, wavelet analysis is used to detect traffic accident data and obtain the information of traffic accident in time domain and frequency domain. Based on this data, GIS buffer analysis function is used to count the risk factors of traffic accidents in the buffer zone, and GIS spatial analysis function is used to construct traffic accidents. According to the information entropy model of accident, the probability density function of non evacuation traffic volume is obtained, the pheromone on the route is adjusted according to ant colony algorithm, the sequence of accident is obtained based on the pheromone, and the optimal rescue route is determined. The results show that the expected response time is 12.36 minutes, and the accident handling efficiency is close to 100%. It can deal with the traffic accident quickly and reduce the loss caused by the traffic accident.
Keywords: GIS technology; ant colony algorithm; traffic accident; optimal rescue route

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