D.K. Li, Y.F. Chen, X.Y. Wang

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Pages: 125-134

In view of the problems of long transfer time, high path cost and poor optimization effect in current urban traffic flow management methods, a comprehensive optimization method of urban traffic flow based on rail transit network model is proposed. The physical topological network model of urban rail transit is designed by using weighted directed connection graph, and the time-varying expansion node, expansion arc and expansion path are combined to build the time table expansion network model of rail transit. At the same time, considering the factors that affect the traffic flow in the model, the random utility of path selection is calculated, and the comprehensive optimization of urban traffic flow is realized by path assignment method. The experimental results show that the transfer time of the proposed method is controlled within 2 minutes, and the path cost is less, which is suitable for the optimization and management of urban traffic flow.
Keywords: urban rail; traffic network; traffic flow; optimization method

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