Y. Cui, C. Ma

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Pages: 135-150

The decision-making problem of station location scheme is an important part of the overall planning scheme of railway lines. The tourism-oriented railway station location problem is to complete the station location on the basis of giving priority to tourism demand. Based on the characteristics of tourism orientation, this paper analyses the influencing factors of railway station location and establishes the corresponding decision-making index system of location scheme. Aiming at the characteristics of station location problem as a multi-objective attribute decision problem, considering that prospect theory can effectively deal with the psychological expectation factors of decision makers, a new decision-making method that can deal with qualitative and quantitative indices is proposed by combining vague theory which is quite effective in dealing with fuzzy problems. Taking the decision-making of railway station location scheme as an example, the decision-making method is calculated and verified. Through verification, it can be found that the proposed comprehensive decision-making method is effective and practical, and the proposed method can provide decision support for tourism-oriented railway station location.
Keywords: tourism orientation; railway station; station location scheme; prospect theory; vague sets; decision making

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