A. Bener, D. Crundall, D. Haigney, A.K. Bensiali, A.S. Al-Falasi

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Pages: 5-14

The aim of this study was to determine the factors that affect driving and test the psychometric properties using the Manchester Driver Behaviour Questionnaire (DBQ) in United Arab Emirates (UAE). A crosssectional descriptive study was conducted in Dubai (UAE) from January to July 2002. DBQ Questionnaire was used to collect the socio-demographic data, driver behaviour and DBQ items. A multi-stage stratified sampling design was used. A representative sample of 1800 UAE national drivers above 18 years was selected and approached at the time of renewal of their car registration. A total number of 1286 Arabian Emirati drivers out of 1800 agreed to take part in the study. The current findings suggest the need for further research investigation to understand better how cultural and life-style characteristics are associated with higher risk crashes in a developing Arabian Bedouin country.

Keywords: road traffic crashes; Manchester Drivers’ Behavior Questionnaire (DBQ); lapses; errors; violation; aggressive; speeding; cross-cultural; UAE

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