C.Y. Zhang, X.Y. Leng

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Pages: 51-60

In view of the problems of the traditional urban traffic safety evaluation model, such as the time-consuming evaluation, the low consistency between the results and the actual traffic conditions, resulting in poor performance and low efficiency of the evaluation, an urban traffic safety evaluation model based on fuzzy AHP is proposed. The data of urban traffic flow is standardized according to the time point sequence to repair the missing data of urban traffic flow; the influencing factors of traffic safety are analyzed, and the urban traffic safety evaluation indicators are constructed. The fuzzy analytic hierarchy process is introduced to test whether the judgment matrix is qualified by the average random consistency indicator value of the judgment matrix, then the single factor judgment matrix is further used to adjust, and the two matrices are integrated to get the accurate indicator weight value. The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation set is built, and finally to complete the construction of urban traffic safety evaluation model. Through the experiment test, the model belongs to the general safety for the target city traffic safety evaluation result, the cumulative variance percentage of the result and the actual traffic situation is as high as 98.88%, which is highly consistent and the evaluation result is effective; the evaluation time of the model is 3.4min, which can achieve high-precision and high-efficiency urban traffic safety evaluation.
Keywords: fuzzy analytic hierarchy process; urban traffic; traffic safety; evaluation model

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