Y.H. Wang, M.L. Song, A.Z. Li, D.D. Qin, T. Zhao

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Pages: 33-44

Traffic safety situation refers to the current traffic operation safety situation and future evolution trend of one or more related highways. Accurate traffic safety situation assessment is of great significance for promoting traffic safety. This paper proposes a new urban traffic safety situation evaluation method based on Internet of Vehicles data. First, based on vehicle data, traffic condition data is collected as sample data for urban traffic safety assessment. Secondly, from the perspective of traffic environment, traffic characteristics, road traffic accidents and road conditions, a traffic safety evaluation index system is constructed and quantified. Finally, the weight of each index is calculated by using the analytic hierarchy process, and the evaluation score of urban traffic safety is calculated to judge the safety level. The experimental results show that, compared with the traditional traffic safety situation assessment method, the evaluation accuracy and efficiency of this method have been greatly improved, and the evaluation accuracy rate is more than 95%.
Keywords: internet of vehicles; urban transportation; security situation assessment; traffic flow status

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