X.Y. Kuang, L.Q. You, Z.R. Chen, L. Xia, C.Q. Wu

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Pages: 91-106

In the traffic flow of most small-medium cities, there are a lot of two wheel vehicles which are mainly made up of human-powered bicycle, electric bicycle and motorcycle with different maximum speed and acceleration. A two-dimensional cellular automaton (CA) model for two-wheel vehicle mixed traffic flow based on NS model (A classical traffic CA model firstly introduced by Nagel and Scheckenberg in 1992) is built. In this model, the situation that the pedestrian cross the two-wheel vehicle road is also taken into consideration. The rules of lane-changing for two-wheel vehicles are set up according to the driving features of two-wheel vehicles. These rules consider the state of the front and back vehicles on current lane and the adjacent lanes (left and right sides) in current and next time step, which make the model more truthful. By performing numerical simulation, the influences on flow, speed and density of two-wheel vehicle by the elements such as deceleration probability, lane changing probability, the mixed ratio of all kinds of two-wheel vehicles, pedestrian crossing, are analyzed. Comparison with empirical data verifies the feasibility and effectiveness of this model.

Keywords: traffic flow; two-wheel vehicle mixed flow; traffic simulation; simulation model; cellular automaton

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