X. Gao, J. Cai, Y. Long, Z.A. Song

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Pages: 3-12

When the primary roads are unable to be set according to the suggested primary road spacing due to special reasons, Chinese planners will often use the method of separating or merging the primary roads; when it matches the suggested primary roads and the traffic pressure is heavy, they use the way of widening roads. Primary roads with small spacing mode where Nagoya, Berlin, and Los Angeles located in are helpful to solve the above problems. The intersection of two adjacent primary roads with small space is regarded as a combined intersection, to analyze the traffic flow; 130-meter spacing primary roads with 4 lanes road simulation model and its road network combination simulation model are constructed, the set OD traffic and simulated OD traffic are compared, and the primary roads with small spacing and its running status in the road network are tested. Primary roads with small spacing has the advantages of flexible network organization, and it is conducive to land development and traffic development. When it does not meet the requirements of the conventional road network spacing or traffic pressure is heavy, it is supposed to combine the actual situation, in-depth study, and prepare road network planning according to local conditions, so as to improve the efficiency of the road network.

Keywords: network planning; primary roads with small spacing; traffic organization; traffic simulation

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