E. Kidando, A.E. Kitali, R. Moses, E.E. Ozguven

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Pages: 47-62

Real-time traffic monitoring (RTM) system is one of the key components of the intelligent transportation systems that can aid traffic operators to timely implement congestion mitigation countermeasures. As such, the intent of this research is to leverage open crowdsourced traffic data by developing a RTM tool. The developed tool has three main tasks: collect real-time travel time data using an application programming interface (API), process collected data, and visualize the processed data using different operational performance measures and display them on the dashboard. The developed tool also is capable of generating a report based on a specified period of analysis. To implement the proposed tool, an arterial corridor located in Tallahassee, Florida, namely US-90, was used. Prior to developing this tool, the accuracy of the API crowdsourced data was evaluated using a Bayesian statistical approach to account for data uncertainties due to measurement and stochastic noises. In the analysis, the BlueTOAD data were used as the ground truth data. The developed tool herein is anticipated to help practitioners to continuously monitor traffic conditions at a lower cost. Furthermore, the real-time traffic information obtained from the dashboard will assist traffic operators and planners to implement intelligent congestion mitigation countermeasures.
Keywords: real-time traffic monitoring; intelligent transportation systems; real-time traffic data; data visualization; application programming interface

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