T.C. Ran, Y.X. Zhao, Y.N. Hao, Y. Wang

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Pages: 329-340

The low construction cost and flexible traffic control merits have made the plane separation an important means to solve traffic congestion at intersections. In the operation mechanism of plane separation, no left-turn is an important control measure to achieve plane separation. This study employed simulation software VISSIM to model and simulate target road sections, explored the essential traffic control ideas of plane separation, and discussed the actual impact of banning left turns on the traffic at intersections. Then, this study used experimental data to quantitatively verify the core operation mechanism and application conditions of plane separation and compared it with other traffic control measures. At last, this paper summarized a few design and implementation criteria for plane separation, aiming to provide a useful reference for improving the traffic planning of similar road sections in modern cities.
Keywords: plane separation; traffic control; left turn; VISSIM simulation

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