W. Yi, Z. Zhang, L. Zhang, Y.T. Wang

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Pages: 67-78

The reasonable dispatching of the down-running vehicles in highway civil construction can effectively improve the construction efficiency and avoid traffic accidents. In this paper, a self-adaptive adjustment method for the down-route of highway construction is proposed. First of all, the paper analyzes the characteristics of traffic conflict under the condition of free driving. Then, combined with the coordinated control of vehicle traffic flow, a new adaptive route adjustment method is designed according to the changing speed and position of different lanes. Finally, a case study is carried out to simulate the experiment. The experimental results show that the traffic flow at the end of different lanes is well balanced, the average vehicle failure rate is only 3.8% , and the average route adjustment time is only 6.6 min, which proves the effectiveness of the method.
Keywords: expressway; construction operation area; driving route; adaptive adjustment

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