Z.H. You, T. Zhou

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Pages: 111-120

Evacuation is a common strategy in emergency management. How to improve evacuation efficiency and reduce delay time is very important. This paper presents an emergency evacuation vehicle route planning method based on particle swarm optimization. Firstly, a grid planning method based on adaptive map is used to realize the block planning of the running space of emergency evacuation vehicles. Then, the multi-sensor parameter location method is used to analyze the characteristic parameters of the emergency evacuation vehicle route, and the optimal constraint parameter model of the vehicle route planning is established. Finally, the multi-dimensional sensing parameter guidance and path adaptive control for emergency evacuation vehicles are realized by using the particle swarm optimization and spatial parameter fusion method. Experimental results show that the proposed method can effectively improve the route planning and guidance ability and evacuation efficiency of emergency evacuation vehicles.
Keywords: paths for vehicles requiring emergency evacuation; vehicles requiring emergency evacuation; travel path; planning, adaptive control

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