Y.L. Ma, H. Tian, R. Li, S.C. Xu, Y. Xu, Z.X. Li

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Pages: 3-12

Accurate operational risk assessment model of urban road traffic safety is an important basis to reduce the probability of accidents. This paper constructs a risk assessment model of urban road traffic safety operation based on vehicle road aggregation. First, the braking response time of vehicles on urban roads is obtained, and the braking acceleration speed of vehicles is perceived, and the minimum safety threshold of vehicles is set, and the safe distance of roads is extracted. Then, cloud computing was used to fuse vehicle end perception data and road end perception data, and the clustering center of operation data was automatically determined by linear regression model and residual analysis, and the dimensions of different attribute data were determined by binary method. Finally, the risk index system of urban road traffic safety operation is constructed, and the risk evaluation model is designed by using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. The results show that the model can improve the accuracy of safe operation risk assessment.
Keywords: vehicle end data perception; road data perception; cloud computing; cloud perception; regression model; vehicle road cloud integration

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