L. Zhao, Y. Wang

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Pages: 95-106

In order to overcome the problems such as high relative error of travel time and poor stability of traffic flow in the emergency environment of expressway, this paper designs an analysis method of traffic flow characteristics of expressway. After the construction of the road section and road network traffic state characterization model, the traffic safety situation is judged and the traffic safety sample matrix index is not processed in dimension, so as to obtain the basic graph model of heterogeneous traffic flow. The basic graph model is used as the basis for the stability analysis of mixed traffic flow to analyze the characteristics of freeway traffic flow. Experimental results show that the relative error of travel time is 12.34%, the reliability coefficient of analysis results is 0.54, and the collision accident rate is reduced from 60% to 17%, which proves that the proposed method meets the design expectations.
Keywords: emergency environment; fuzzy evaluation; membership function; information entropy; heterogeneous traffic flow; basic graph model

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