R.B. Kota, A. Mehar

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Pages: 277-294

Occupancy time is the time for a vehicle to travel through a conflicting area defined at uncontrolled intersection. The data was collected at five different three-legged uncontrolled intersections for eight hours covering peak hour. The crossing time is categorized in the study as single-stage and two-stage for right turn maneuvering from minor road. Statistically significant tests are conducted to analyze the probabilistic distribution models fitting to occupancy time data. It is observed that the occupancy time distribution pattern of right turning traffic varies differently under single-stage and two stage-crossings. Occupancy time distribution of vehicles was observed to be left-skewed in absence of median waiting and right-skewed during intermediate median waiting. The skewness and kurtosis of fitted distributions are subjected to decrease with increase in dimension of vehicle types. The study provides better understanding of occupancy time for right turning maneuvering actions that would help in analyzing performance of uncontrolled intersection.
Keywords: occupancy time; distribution curves; two-stage crossing; uncontrolled intersection; mixed traffic condition

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