Y. Cui, Y. Li, C. Ma

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Pages: 81-98

Tourist-dedicated train is a tourism product launched by railway transportation enterprises that combines transportation with tourism. The preparation of tourist-dedicated train line plan is an important part of tourist-dedicated train operation. The optimization of the tourism train line plan is based on its characteristics that are different from other passenger trains. Based on the analysis of the demand for the line plan of the tourist-dedicated train, this paper constructs the optimization model of the line plan with the goal of maximizing the income of the line plan and the constraints of transportation capacity, passenger flow and supply factors, and designs the corresponding genetic algorithm. The model is verified by an example. The verification results show that the optimal selection model and algorithm can better reflect the characteristics of the tourist-dedicated train line plan. The optimization results show that the reasonable matching of transportation supply and demand can provide decision support for the optimization of the tourist-dedicated train line plan.
Keywords: tourist-dedicated train; line plan; operational income; genetic algorithm