Y.F. Zhong, B.H. Zheng, L.L. Liu, Z.Y. Wang

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Pages: 93-106

Based on the real-time traffic data and the isochronous circle maps which is drawn by GIS, this thesis studies the rationality of the configuration of the 35 primary schools in Furong district of Changsha city. Taking all primary schools coordinate points as the starting points, and all grid center coordinate points which are divided by GIS in whole range of the research district as the end points, the thesis extracts the travel time from starting points to end points as the basic data of the study. Considering the three modes of travel, such as walking, bus system and self-driving, the thesis draws isochronous circle maps by 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25minutes and 30minutes. And based on weightiness of different vehicles, the thesis draws the isochronous circle maps too. By analyzing the coverage of all isochronous circle maps, the thesis determines the rationality of the primary school.

Keywords: real-time traffic data; vehicle; isochronous circle; rationality; GIS

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