R. Qi, M. Qi

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Pages: 107-116

From the point of view on four aspects which contain transportation investment, infrastructure construction, freight turnover and transportation of human resources, this paper using the spatial econometric methods on the spillover effect of 31 Provinces Panel Data of traffic infrastructure on regional economic growth in China from 2013 to 2015. The empirical analysis are as follows, (1) The comprehensive variable traffic infrastructure has significant spatial spillover effect on regional economic growth; (2) The opening degree, capital stock and the level of scientific research also has significant positive effects on regional economic growth; (3) Transport infrastructure on regional economic growth spatial contribution reached 37%; (4) The rate of city effect on regional economic growth is not significant; (5) The transportation infrastructure significantly affect the growth of the regional economy of the Central part and Western part in China but not so significant in eastern regions.

Keywords: multidimensional factors; traffic infrastructure; principal component analysis; spatial measurement

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