L. Liu

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Pages: 25-34

In order to overcome the problems of long time for benefit evaluation and low accident handling efficiency in expressway traffic safety facilities, an analysis of economic applicability based on expressway traffic safety facilities is proposed. According to the target image enhancement, the method detects the enhancement result of the vehicle and determines the dangerous area. With the help of the installed monitoring equipment, the road safety facilities are identified, the monitoring data generated by the safety facilities determined to be in working state are dynamically processed, and the data envelopment analysis model is used to dynamically evaluate the cost of the safety facilities. The experimental results show that the average time spent in dynamic economic benefits is 0.98s and 1.63s respectively. With the support of safety facilities, the accident handling efficiency is close to 100%, and the evaluation of economic applicability is relatively time-consuming.
Keywords: expressway; traffic; safety facilities; economic applicability

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